There is a quote saying, “You will never know unless you try” and I guess you have heard it before. This afternoon, instead of having our lunch at our usual place, a friend of mine suggested that we give a try at a nearby restaurant. The place and the interior design looks a bit posh and I thought that I will have to fork out extra money in my wallet for my lunch, but surprisingly the price was quite affordable.

Interior Design of the Bistro

Kitchen and Cashier area

Grill Chicken with Rice and Sesame Sauce (with free Soup of the day)

Soup of the day: Prawn soup

Chicken Wings

Lime Juice

G H-45-G,Jln Off Coastal Highway,
Block H, KK Times Square,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah MALAYSIA
Tel : 088 486 717 / 010 955 5919

Quite affordable right? Not too pricey and not too cheap. To make things better, we received 10% discount on the bill :D