Congratulation to Miss India, Nicole Faria for being crowned as new Miss Earth 2010 in vietnam.

Miss Earth Air 2010: Ecuador (Jennifer Pazmiño)

Miss Earth Water 2010: Thailand (Watsaporn Wattanakoon)

Miss Earth Fire 2010: Puerto Rico (Yeidy Bosques)

Miss Earth 2010 Vietnam

Miss Earth is one of four largest beauty pagent in the world (Miss Universe, Miss world and miss International). It was first lauched and organised by the Carousel Productions back in 2001 with the objective to promote environmental awareness to people across the earth. Just like the other beauty pagent, titleholder will dedicate their year in promoting environment projects and to address issues concerning the environment.
Miss Earth 2010, Nicole Faria

The unique thing about Miss Earth is that it is the only beauty pagent that have individual titles to the runner-up and it is based on the natural elements. Miss Fire which is equivalent to third runner-up, Miss Water as their second runner-up and Miss Air, the first runner-up.
So this is the crown
Since it is promoting the environment, the crown is made of 100% recycled precious metals comprising of 14kt gold and argentums sterling silver. Quite interesting isnt it.
Miss Earth Title Holder

Miss Earth 2001:  Catharina Svensson of Denmark
Miss Earth 2002: Džejla Glavović of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Miss Earth 2002: Winfred Omwakwe of Kenya
Miss Earth 2003: Dania Prince of Honduras
Miss Earth 2004: Priscilla Meirelles of Brazil
Miss Earth 2005: Alexandra Braun of Venezuela
Miss Earth 2006: Hil Hernandez from Chile
Miss Earth 2007: Jessica Trisko of Canada
Miss Earth 2008: Karla Henry of the Philippines