Slim, sexy, irresistible, fresh are the words that I will use to describe my new “girlfriend“. We’ve been together for a month now and I cherish every single moment with her next to me.Wait.. do not load your mind with dirty little things since I’m not actually mean it. You might thought that I’m referring “girlfriend” as a person, indeed I’m referring it as “a gadget“; my new handphone. Common guys, who will ever share their experience with their girlfriend? even if I have one, I will never share my story (Luckily I do not have any since it is against my religion).

Okay, back to topic, I’ve been sharing half of my life with my handphone and my new handphone has just started to understand me. I spent most of my time with her (calling, sms ing, touching and pampering Now, you might have heard of her before, Nuffnang once throw a party for her, you dont believe me huh? Here is the proof:

Yeap… its LG Cookies (LG Cookie3G (LG KM555) , LG Cookie Plus (LG GS500) and LG Cookie Fresh (LG GS290)) but mine is LG Fresh… very fresh indeed. What they have in common are, they all affordable and high sensitive touch screen, easy to navigate and slim.

LG Fresh (GS290) comes with music player application (supporting MP3, AMR,  AAC, AAC+, WMA and MIDI files), FM Radio, Bluetooth and 2 Mega Pixels camera. Sadly the camera doesn’t have any flash (bad news for you guys out there who loves to snap photo using handphone) and the images are poorer compare to my Sony Ericsson P990i. Images can be captured at 1600×1200, 1280×960, 640×480, 400×240 and 320×240 resolutions with few functions such as colour effects, white balance, night mode and self-timer. It comes with 3 inches (7.6cm) TFT Screen with display quality of 240 X 400 pixels at 262k colours.

For connectivity, it supports WAP (2.0/xHTML), GPRS and EDGE. It comes with inbuild web browser but you will need to access the internet using GPRS. As for data transfer, it is equipped with USB and Bluetooth mechanisms. As for applications, you do not have to worry since it supports JAVA (MIDP 2.0) applications. Just download any JAVA applications from the internet and load it to your phone. One thing that attracts me, LG Fresh comes with Anti theft Mobile tracker (Unsure how to use it) and simple movie editor.

Video credit to: PhoneArena

It has internal memory of 32MB and expendable to 16GB (Micro SD) and comes with mAh Li-Ion 900 battery and rechargeable via USB cable (Direct to your computer USB or socket).

LG GS290 offers three home screens. The first screen is for most frequently used widgets ( you can always customise it with drag and drop functions from the widget menu. Second screen is a “livesquare” whereby it is populated with avatars of your recent contacts. The last screen is the speed-dial screen.

My Verdict: It offers resistive touchscreen panel with interactive interface which makes it fun to use and easy to navigate. At price of RM499 (which I bought it for RM480 and comes with Battery, Charger, Handsfree, USB cable and manual), I believe LG fresh is worth a try and value for money.

Regarding my first night experience with her. I still remember that I couldn’t take my eyes off her, touching her until early morning just to explore and get to know more about her. Hope this feeling never fade away :D