Check my email and saw few emails sent by DHL, a company which I guess I have not use their service before. I’m sure that most of you guys have received such email from same or different service provider before, and asking you to download an attachment. It is not actually sent by DHL personnel (or big company as they claim), rather than sent by scammers intended to steal your information.

Well, if you have receive such email, please forget your desire to click the attachment file because it contains potentially harmful Malware.

Have you seen this kind of email? I guess they should start hiring creative designer to design template for them as I found it is seriously boring and against the principle of design. Common guys they are big company and shouldn’t they have more interesting design than that?

Anyway, if you received any emails that you are unsure of (especially emails telling that you won something which you never submit any contest entry), do not hesitate to mark it as SPAM and send it to TRASH bin or just ring that company and ask whether did they sent any email to you.