I’m sure most of you guys have heard or even been tagged or awarded an award by your friends before. Some might respond and some might just ignore it. But do you know that “tagging” and “awarding” someone is yet another way of building your backlinks and to increase your Pagerank? Quite interesting isnt it? However, you need to understand that all links pointed to your blog must be a DoFollow links otherwise, it will not be counted by google (and will be totally useless).


Google Pagerank Table

If you need to know how many backlinks are needed to achieve certain Pagerank, then the table below should be a guidelines for you. However, I can’t really assure it will work since nobody know how the google Pagerank algorithm actually works (At least it can be a guideline for us).

(Refer from the table) To get PR 4 for your blog, you need to have at least 3055 links from PR1 blog OR 101 links from PR3 blog OR 3 links from blog with PR5. Quite simple isnt it?

Note: I would love to thank Xangonila, PurpleRoses, Ritz and Syida for the tag and the awards.