I know most of bloggers out there have their own twitter account as medium to direct traffic or to spread news to their friend. But have you ever thought that you can actually generate some income through your twitter account? Even though not a big amount of money (but it depends on you, the more effort you give, more you’ll get) but at least it can be used to support your blogging activities.

Churpchurp is one of the platforms where you can actually generate income by twitting campaign that you have been assigned and the price of each tweet is according to number of your followers and how many times you churp. In short, Churpchurp is an advertising network that takes advantage of twitter to spread advertisement campaign.

Worry about whether this program is legal or not? Well, you shouldn’t be since Churpchurp is owned by well known advertising company; Nuffnang and registration is exclusively for Malaysian and Singapore only (for this moment).

But how it works? Churpers will be notified via emails about assignments and a brief to compose their tweet with required keywords. Tweets will be evaluated before it is publish and if it is accepted, earning will be credited automatically into your account. Pretty simple right? You only have to wait for notification email, compose short tweet with given keywords and wait for your earning.

With less than thousand of follower and 22 tweets, I managed to earn RM49.46. Now you know that if your google adsense, or advertlets are banned, you can always turn to twitter to generate side income.