If you love to write and see your article to be published in major websites, perhaps Triond is a place for you. Not only it will be seen by viewers around the world but you could also earn cash for writing and publish your article.

Let’s make it simple, Triond is a content publishing site that allows anyone to publish article about anything from text, images and other items online and get paid for it.

How it works?

1. Compose original writing and send it to Triond.
2. Triond will publish it to major websites and according to the niche.
3. Wait for income/revenue from Triond.

Of course major thing to be considered here is traffic and your article. The more article you have published in Triond, the more chances of getting more income. The more traffic you direct to your article, the more income you will get (Twitter and Facebook share play crucial part here).

Been publishing my work since 2010 and until today they still pay and sent it directly to my  paypal account even though I’ve been hibernating more than a year from 2012 to 2013. Here is the proof of payment made by Triond (Mind that you need to have minimum of USD0.50 in your Triond account before they are able to credit it to your  paypal account). 

Proof of payment from Triond

Proof of payment from Triond

Well, decent income but at least they do pay. Still I prefer Nuffnang as my major source of income in blogging world. Perhaps I should write my experience with Nuffnang right (Maybe some other time)?

Here are sample of my article in Triond if you are interested.

1. Simple Way to Increase Traffic to Your Blog
2.Google Pageranks
3. Download Youtube Video : The Easiest Way
4. Simple Steps to Delete Computer Virus
5. In a Minute
6. Amazing Facts About Human Body
7. Seven Golden Rules for Your Weight Loss
8. 20 Amazing Facts
9. 10 Famous Churches in philippines

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