Gosh, it has been quite a while since my last post which I guess few months or perhaps few years ago. I actually have few draft posts in my folder and waiting to be released which is suppose to be last year since my last visit to Manila. However, due to commitment with my job, I hardly find time to proofread my drafts. No worries, will post it as soon as I could as it is still fresh in my mind. Thanks to the hospitality of filipinos, all the great memories while Manila still remains in my thought.


Received few emails and messages asking where have I been while some invited me to join contests and giveaways. Thanks a bunch for still remembering me guys and I do appreciate it. It shows that you are recognised in blogging world!


Back to the main title of this post, it was actually a gimmick and I do not have any intention to close or take down this blog just yet (never I guess), however, you will see major ‘overhaul’ going on in this blog very soon. Stick with me.


Love you guys.