I always wanted to visit Manila before, but due to time constraint, I didnt get the chance. Recently I got the chance to say “Magandang Umaga Po” to Filipinos. It was not part of my new year’s resolution as it was been planned last year. Actually I had another ticket to Manila last year but due to weather situation that time, we had to cancel our trip. Anyway we’ve been told that we were lucky to visit Manila early of the year as it is cooler and this is due to snow and ice are starting to melt in Taiwan and Japan. Quite unsure whether it is true or not.

Our flight took less than 2 hours and the plane arrived 20 minutes earlier than scheduled.
It took us another 2 hours to reach the capital city of Manila (Metro Manila) from Angeles City. Quite long way, but worth it with beautiful sceneries especially Mount Arayat.

Arrived in our hotel late evening, check-in and rest for few hours before dinner. We planned to just have our dinner in the hotel but luckily another staff from the hotel showed and escorted us to nearby mall (Which is just behind our hotel and officially our hang-out place or the whole week) for our dinner.

For safety measures, security check is very common in Manila whereby everyone will be checked upon entering any malls, buildings and so on. So be prepared yourself to be touched and for those who brought any bags, prepare to open it as they might ask you to open it for checking. For a week dining and shopping in Robinson’s place, I guess the security guards have known us already. The most interesting part was when passengers were asked to remove their shoes in the airport for scanning. Luckily socks are not required to be removed or else they will suffer major nose damage for excessive smelling of “natural perfume”.

To be continued…