Ready to race around the globe? Which team will first cross the finish line and win US$100,000? will Malaysian, Singaporean or Hong Kong Team repeat their victory for this edition? We all have been waiting for this moment, even though we are not really involve in the race but the adrenaline is there. I still remember previous edition of The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) where they had to clear the elephant poo, bungee jump, climb the Macau tower and eat stinky tofu. Will this edition be more tougher than the previous editions? Do not miss to catch Asia’s most anticipated race around the world which will be aired on AXN beginning 23rd Sept 2010. The show will be aired every Thursday at 9pm.

Racers Revealed

Malaysian pair of Tengku Hilda and Ivan Evetovics (squatting, left) with Ethan Lim Kok Hon and Mohd Khairie (standing, right) joining eight other Asian teams for this season’s The Amazing Race Asia – NST

Team Malaysia

Ivan Evetovics (33)(University Lecturer) & Tengku Hilda (38)(Researcher)

Lim “Ethan” Kok Hon (26)(Social Worker) & Mohd “Khairie” Khaire (25)(Graduate)

Team Philippines

Jacinta “Jess” James (27)(Tattooist) & Lani Pillinger (27)(Model)

Richard Hardin (34)(Pro Basketballer) & Richard Herrera (31)(Actor)

Team Hong Kong

Alan Luk (32)(Actor) & Wendy Lee (24)(Actress)

Team Singapore

Claire Goh (21)(Musician) & Michelle Ng (22)(Actress)

Team India

Sahil Banga (25)(Aspiring Actor) & Manas Katyal (23)(Reality Show Bachelor)

Dimple Inamdar (32)(Actress) & Sunaina Gulia (31)(Actress)

Team Indonesia

Nadine Zamira (26)(Beauty Queen) & Hilyani “Yani” Hidranto (28)(TV Presenter)

Hussein Baron (53)(Educator) & Natasha Sutadisastra (24)(Legal Admin)

Official sponsor of The Amazing Race Asia 4

This edition has three official sponsors, Axiata, Caltex and Sony. The official hotel partner is Hilton, while the series is supported by Tourism Malaysia and Mix FM.

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