You might have heard about this guy who have insulted state of Sabah and his comments caused widespread anger among Sabahan. He was known as ‘Luca Lucas‘ and claimed to be a Johorean (you can check complaint brought to local newspaper). Ba, here is the recap of his insults to state of Sabah:

To be honest, it hurts me a lot but what to do, he has his own point of view and freedom of speech (but does it means he can insult others?) Anyway, he had sent his apology letter to Sabahan (Do not worry, I will always forgive him, but unsure whether the rest are able to forgive him).

Anyway, that isn’t my point in this post since you can always search about Luca Lucas from google or yahoo. I admit that we do have problem in Sabah and I guess every states have their own problem right? I still remember long time ago there was a friend from peninsular Malaysia asked whether do we still live in tree hut? and there was one incident happened during orientation week whereby this student carry along her pillow set (all away from her state) fearing that we do not sell that thing here. Gosh, I guess it is time for these kind of guy to come here and see by themselves.

Despite the problem we had in the state, at least we live in unity and harmony as been testified by this guy (You can read it from theStar) and I’m just proud to be a Sabahan (Not to over exaggerating my state, but that is reality).

Bulih bah kalau kau